در صف کمال

The ugly face asked: Where were you the day the beauty of their play?

Said in a queue perfection

If someone does not give you the smile on his lips closed Search

The problem to be solved by money, not difficult, expensive!

Be a pal's always barefoot, because no Rigi not looked at the shoes !!

With all the poverty, do not beg for love and with all the wealth will not buy love!

Everyone has their own beats, but it's important to each of you who dance

Mountain man who removed to remove the gravel

Courage means: fear, shake, take a walk

Only when you know that God has removed all to yourself and own

Remember that in life you look back someday. What was the cry smile

Humanity of man is needed, the smell will not recur, wood is

Kill sparrows, buzzards not polite

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits, but stupidity is not.

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